10. Planning and Managing a Drupal Project


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  • This chapter is about laying out your goals, clearly defining what you need, setting yourself up to be able to tackle a large project in small chunks, and learning what you need to research to be able to finish. It’s also about time management, a bit about project management methodologies to help keep everything running smoothly, and what a reasonable project plan looks like. I’ll go through the various parts of Drupal that impact planning, what to be aware of, and what the biggest challenges are.

    By the end of this chapter, you should be able to clearly define what it is you’d like to build and have a rough outline of what needs to be done where. You’ll also understand the responsibilities of the project manager. Even better you’ll have the ability to break those responsibilities down into manageable tasks and the tools to be able to complete those tasks.

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  • Amye Scavarda