Florian Lorétan

  • Florian started working with Drupal in 2005, a passion which turned into a full-time job two years later. As a Drupal developer, he has worked on many large social networking projects and has provided consulting services to many well-established web development agencies. His contributions include modules and themes as well as many core patches.

    Originally from Switzerland, Florian has also been an active member in many communities worldwide. He was a core organizer for the first Drupal Dev Days, a track chair for DrupalCon Copenhagen and he has participated in the organisation of many other events. He has given presentations at DrupalCons, DrupalCamps and various local communities from Geneva to San Diego.

    Florian is a co-founder of Wunderkraut, a company providing Drupal coaching and consulting services for the European market. He occasionally writes on his personal blog at Happy Pixels

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