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Description of Erratum

  • Figure 8-21 shows setting the display options on the Chapter content type and shows several fields the chapter never told you to create. Figure 8-18 does the same. I know the book isn't supposed to detail every single step but I ran into problems when I tried to figure out how to follow here and would have appreciated some instruction. For example one of the fields not described is Internal name and this field is referenced on this page where you are told to enter a value into it when you create your first Chapter.

  • Recommended Correction

  • Give instructions for creating the additional fields.

  • "User: Name" not a valid filter criteria

    Description of Erratum

  • The instructions for creating a filter to limit the content to articles written by Bob is written as follows: "Select User from the Filter select box and select the User: Name filter from the list."

    In my 7.10 installation of Drupal I don't see "User" as a choice in the Filter select box. I ended up using "Author uid" as the filter criteria. Perhaps I don't have the necessary module installed or enabled or perhaps Drupal changed this along the way.

  • Download Drupal, then change directory, not other way around

    Description of Erratum

  • In the instructions for rapidly downloading a test installation, the cd (change directory) command must follow the downloading of Drupal into the directory of that name.

  • Recommended Correction

  • cd ~/workspace
    drush dl drupal --drupal-project-rename=formmsgs
    cd formmsgs
    drush si --db-url=mysql://root:rootpass@localhost/formmsgs

    Where "formmsgs" is the name used for your test site.

  • Recommended place to put Drush aliases file is kept a secret

    Description of Erratum

  • In the section "Drush Aliases for All Sites Involved in the Upgrade", a location at which the shown aliases file can be placed so that Drush will read it was not mentioned.

  • Recommended Correction

  • The recommended location is in a .drush folder in your home folder:


    Other places drushrc files can be placed are covered in the chapter on Drush and, as mentioned in Drush's README.txt file, in example.aliases.drushrc.php.

  • Drupal.behaviors attach not working

    Description of Erratum

  • I can't get the wrapping style that is recommended in the book to fire the jQuery:

    Drupal.behaviors.myNameSpace = {
      attach: function(context, settings) { 
  • Recommended Correction

  • This wrapping style is working for me:

      $(function() {

    I assume this is just me.

  • Formatting error

    Description of Erratum

  • The description of the User module and the introductory paragraph for the next set of core modules are formatted as a single bulleted paragraph, and the list of modules that follow (from Aggregator onward) are indented an extra level, giving the false impression that they're subsidiary to the User module.

  • Recommended Correction

  • Split the description of the User module after the first sentence and correct the indentation, as follows:

    • User - manages the user recommendation and login system.

    Drupal provides still more modules in core that are not enabled by default in the Standard installation profile. You may consider enabling the following modules according to your site's functional requirements:

    • Aggregator - allows you to import RSS feeds into your Drupal site (...)
  • Reference to 'Event' content type

    Description of Erratum

  • Page 79 refers to an "Event" content type, but there is no such content type.

  • Recommended Correction

  • Add a short section telling the user to create an Event content type, or to install whatever module provides it.

    (And fix this "Create Erratum" form -- I got a cryptic error because typed the chapter number; I had to look at the other errata before I realized that this form wants the chapter *title*, not the chapter *number*.)

  • Erroneous View Page Display Elements

    Description of Erratum

  • Contrary to the instructions on this page, there is no option to format the View as "Row style: Node (teaser)". No "Node" options whatsoever are available.

    Similarly, there is no option to filter by "Node: Type = Profile" or "Node: Published = Yes".

    There is also no available option to sort by "Fields: field_pagecount."

  • Recommended Correction

  • I think maybe someone was thinking of Drupal 6 when writing this section? Under filtering, "Content: Published (Yes)" and "Content: Type (= Author profile)" are valid choices. For the formatting override, "Show: Content | Teaser" should work. And for the sort criteria, I used "Content: Approximate pages (field_pages)."

  • Chapter 1: page 15 : Disabling Unneeded Modules

    Description of Erratum

  • The book instructs you to disable the Color and Overlay modules. At press time, disabling the Color module left the Slate color in tact. However, Drupal has changed and this is no longer the case. Now it reverts to the default blue color.

  • Recommended Correction

  • In order to keep your site looking the way it should, you should leave the Color module enabled. Go ahead and disable the Overlay module as instructed.

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